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Repairs to Xanadu

Delivering Xanadu along the Rappahannock River, Chesapeake Bay after the Turkey Shoot Regatta October 2005.  Great Fall sailing.

Early summer 2006.  Notice the water damage along the front of the cabin top where it meets the deck. 

 This picture is taken as I disassemble the teak boards joining the cabin top and the cowl vent.


The rot is cut out and using a plunge router, removed the top layer of mahogany veneer.  Later a second layer will be

removed so that two layers of overlapping GRP can be added below the top layer for added strength and rot resistance.

Fiberglass now bonds the deck and cabin top joint.
The front and port veneers have been laid.  Now to bung the screw holes

In order for the repair, which is pretty large in area, to match the rest of the cabin top,

the entire cabin top varnish was stripped off using a heat gun, re-stained, and re-varnished.

The finished product with cowl vent re-finished also.  The decks were recently oiled.
A Fall photo of XANADU in nearby Jackson Creek, Rappahannock River, Chesapeake Bay
XANADU moored in Myers Creek, Corrotoman River during the weekend of the Turkey Shoot Regatta, 2205.
Owner, Johnny Stevens, out for a night sail with family, daughter Maren, and son, Jeb, 2004


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